Scholl: “Love each step you take”. The new TV ad by ItaliaBrandGroup

Skills Advertising
Brands and clients Scholl
Industries Fashion, Sportswear & Accessories
Project description

Since 10th May, the main Italian TV channels have been broadcasting the new ad by ItaliaBrandGroup for Scholl footwear, the company which looks after people’s wellbeing with optimum comfort shoes. The 20-second film shows fabulous shots of women’s legs as they go through daily life – walking, running, stopping suddenly, then walking on again. And it’s all perfectly in time with the music, Mozart’s Magic Flute, which plays a crucial part in the ad and accompanies each step or movement of the feet with a joyous musical note in a gradual crescendo. Therein lies the campaign’s tagline: “Scholl. Love each step you take”. The starring products in the film are from the new Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Gelactiv and Bioprint. The ad is destined towards the Italian market whilst for those further afield the agency has come up with three print ads which will be featured until August in top French women’s magazines. The common thread throughout the project lies in the lightness of tone and the joie de vivre that marks the Scholl brand.


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